Casein paint dry mixture 5 l

€ 9

Traditional matte casein paint for interior works.

Dry mixture of casein paint:

  • Includes chalk, talc, kaolin, cellulose
  • Borax is added to the package
  • Casein paint is suitable for many surfaces: plaster, wood, cardboard, stone, etc.
  • Covering coat of paint: primer + two layers of paint
  • Natural colour is white
  • Suitable for dry rooms

Making 5 l of casein paint:

  • 1000 g light curd (5 packs of 200 g light curd)
  • 40 g borax and 250 ml hot water
  • dry mixture of casein paint and 2 l water

Dissolve borax in hot water. Add 1000 g of curd and stir it until the mixture is even. Let it stay about 2 hours, stirring it from time to time. Stir the dry mixture of casein paint with 2 litres of water. Let it stay about 1 hour, stirring it from time to time. Mix up both mixtures (borax+curd and dry mixture of casein paint+water). When some pieces do not dissolve, then sieve it. It is recommended to add varnish that makes the paint more elastic, increases the paints durability and somewhat the water-resistance and gives a slight shine to the paint. Add the varnish to the dry mixture, not to the water!

1 l casein paint covers 4-7 m2 of plaster in one layer if the surface is previously primed.