Hydraulic lime plaster/mortar from lime putty /0-2 mm/ 125 kg

€ 35
Elastic and strong plaster for plastering and jointing natural stones (fieldstone, limestone) and for very humid rooms, consists of natural sands, smashed limestone, hydraulic additives and lime putty. We have used the traditional lime plaster recipy. The product is very suitable for laying walls of fieldstones!

We sell the plaster as separate components - lime putty and dry mixture. 125 kg includes:

  • 1 x 25 kg lime putty (dry matter ~12,5 kg)
  • 4 x 25 kg dry mixture
You need at least a 90 litres container or mixture machine to make the 125 kg plaster.

Traditional lime mortar of lime putty and dry mixture:
  • The binders are lime putty and cement (~ 5%), the fillers are crushed limestone with different fractions, crushed bricks and different sands 
  • The size of the grain is 0-2 mm 
  • Maximum thickness for one layer is ~10 mm 
  • Need for plaster is ~15 kg/m2 
  • Natural colour is light gray
  • Suitable surfaces in interior: walls and ceilings of humid rooms, humid stone walls of basement, walls of natural stone (for jointing and laying)
  • Suitable surfaces in outside conditions: natural stone walls higher from ground, wooden walls that get direct rainfall, walls of limestone and fieldstone (for jointing and laying)
  • When plastering wooden surfaces we recommend using reed mat and reed board
Look at the photos of lime plaster/mortar HERE!